Mateusz Miszczyński

Mateusz Miszczyński



Multiskilled poet of image, young gun, big heart and engaged storyteller. One-man army full of passion and love of film.


Mateusz is a man of great sensitivity which, combined with his following the bliss path, talent and determination, will lead him really high.


He is into socially engaged issues and he is having big fun shooting commercials and  music videos for artist like Tricki, Hania Rani.


Proud father.


The New Radicals

Sneaker studio | Join the hunt

Tricky |I'm In The Doorway

Sneaker studio | Cult of the shoe

Hania Rani | Leaving

This is Poland. Experience it.

Joys and breaths


PLANTWEAR | Dusk and Dawn

Święta góra jazydów

Tricky | Makes me wonder