Irina Werning

I search for them everywhere. I travel to small towns in the mountains, distribute leaflets, organise long hair competitions, till i find them. Why do women in Argentina wear their hair longer than in most Western countries? A hybrid culture with Indigenous traditions, where cutting hair represents cutting ones thoughts, or even falling into disgrace or near death. For this series, I approach anonymous women and asked them to pose with their backs to the camera in their natural environments.

This is the story of Chini, a chinese crested dog. She came into my life in London 2008, when my friends asked me to look after their house and dogs while on holidays. I had never lived with dogs, I hardly even noticed their presence until I got to know Chini. I started making little sets where she was free to act our little human ways. Her photographic journey takes us into the very heart of the human comedy.

Irina Werning / BIO

Our Argentinian associated Witch. Visual artist, soul full of pation and enganement to her vision of the reality.


Her imagination brings us joy, takes us to different world and satysfies our sences. Irina is a crative bomb and she easyli merges her imagination with commercial areas and editorials.


Let’s travel Back To The Future with her!